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Architectural office in Vienna

Our latest project is a renovation project for a newly opened architectural office in Vienna. Our client had a medium to low budget and was looking for an industrial look that would give their space a unique and creative feel. Our design approach aimed to make efficient use of small spaces by using leftover materials from construction sites such as metal profiles, expanded steel sheet, rebar mesh and bricks. We also created our own bespoke pendant light made from construction helmets to give the space a distinctive and innovative look.

For the conference table, we were inspired by a crane, which is a common sight on every construction site. This design gives the table a unique look and also emphasizes our customer's love for architectural design. We also created a rebar bookcase, a beautiful and functional piece that makes a bold statement in the room. The use of visible screws throughout the project is a conscious design choice that highlights the technical aspect of the construction and shows the attention to detail that went into every aspect of the project.

Another highlight of the project is the entrance area. Our design approach for this space aimed to create a welcoming and functional area. To achieve this, we used expanded steel sheet to create a unique coat rack that doubles as a design element. The wardrobe is both practical and visually impressive and immediately makes a strong statement as soon as you enter the room. We also incorporated seating covered in Kvadrat Re-Wool fabric to provide a comfortable and inviting seating area.

To complete the look, we added LED lighting to highlight the design elements and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. We've also included a shelf for caps and helmets, making it easier to store and access these items.

The display shelf on the right side of the entryway is an important design element that serves multiple functions. Firstly, it is a functional display shelf that presents the various material samples used in architecture. Secondly, the shelf also includes a mirror that creates the illusion of a larger space. By reflecting the opposite wall, the mirror visually expands the entrance area and makes it appear more spacious.

The individual and bespoke nature of the pendant light is also an important aspect of the project. It demonstrates our attention to detail and our commitment to creating a space that perfectly reflects our client's personality and style. The lamp is a unique and memorable design element that brings character and personality to the space while reflecting our client's passion for architecture. It serves as a key element of the project and is sure to leave a lasting impression on visitors.

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