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Office 8658

Our latest office planning project focused on making optimal use of the space of a family business, with oak veneer and black powder-coated steel serving as central elements. Under the expert guidance of our interior designer, we created an interior design that meets both functional and aesthetic requirements through intelligent office furniture and equipment.

By using glass panels and well-thought-out dividing elements in the meeting room, the natural light could be used optimally, which significantly enhanced the working atmosphere. Innovative office planning allows the kitchen to be separated from the main work area using a sliding door, ensuring an undisturbed working environment even during meal preparation.

The manager's office is equipped with specially selected office furniture that provides a discreet meeting area for confidential discussions. A highlight is the integrated wine refrigerator, which invites you to toast together after successful business transactions. The meeting room, designed for larger meetings, is equipped with the latest technology and underlines our claim to professional office planning and interior design.

This project impressively illustrates how the combination of interior design expertise and the targeted selection of office furniture and furnishings creates a work environment that promotes productivity and at the same time represents a source of inspiration.

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