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Kellerstöckl in Eisenberg

The task was to convert a small cellar.


The old building will be completely renovated to fulfill its new function as a weekend house, available to rural tourists as a rentable apartment. Our concept aimed to preserve the rural feel, which we combined with modern minimalist/industrial shapes. There is a lot of antiqued, old wooden furniture and black powder-coated metal furniture in the room.


Since the room is only 40 m², we tried to make the rooms as open as possible. The apartment is designed for 2-4 people, and the master bedroom can be separated off with a sliding door. The small kitchen has everything you need for a long weekend. Accessories such as an old wooden ladder and a wagon wheel create a special atmosphere in the room.

In this project, renovation and refurbishment are combined with well-thought-out interior design and a targeted design concept. Furniture planning and furnishings play a key role in maximizing both functionality and aesthetics in a limited space.


This Kellerstöckl/Buschenschank project exemplifies the harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity, with particular emphasis being placed on maintaining the characteristic rural charm, complemented by modern design elements.

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