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9797 living room

This project presents a modern interior design concept that perfectly combines the elegance of minimalism and the use of natural materials. The ambience is characterized by spacious and well-lit rooms thanks to large windows that let in daylight. The interior is dominated by warm-toned wood, which forms a harmonious contrast to the concrete and steel elements. Earthy furniture and textiles create a pleasant, homely atmosphere.

The clear lines and simple design give the interior a unique look. The central room design accentuates social life with comfortable seating and a modern fireplace in focus. Uniform floor coverings and integrated ceiling lighting enhance the feeling of space.

Particular attention is paid to details such as decorative lighting elements, individually designed stair railings and asymmetrical mirrors, all of which contribute to the dynamism of the overall image. The open space is nevertheless assigned to clearly defined functional zones that enable undisturbed everyday activities as well as relaxing periods of rest.

The aim of the project is to create a modern but warm home where simplicity and functionality go hand in hand with design and quality of life.

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